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Hotel Bruce

By Ryan T Higgins

Review by Annoying Little Brother

This is a book about animals turning Bruce’s home into a hotel. Bruce does not like all the new visitors. They use his stuff, take his bed and annoy him.  He gets really mad and kicks them out.

It was a funny book. Mom says she will do this to our rooms when we are with our grandparents this summer. (In the summer, we migrate to other states with our grandparents) The pictures are so funny.  All the geese are super silly.

I recommend this to someone who needs a laugh.

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Flight 1 2 3

By Maria van Lieshout

Annoying Little Brother here to provide this review.

This book is about when you fly on a flight and you see a lot of numbers of stuff. It is a counting and sight word book. I can read it!

One page is about the things you can’t take on a plane. Why can’t you take baseball bats?

Each page shows a number of things. The pictures match those things like 100 fastened seat belts! That was a lot of counting.

I like this book. It is fun to read.

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Raising Readers: 5 Stories from Maine 

This is a multi author book that kids in Maine get when they are five. My great-grandmother found a copy for us. The authors are Toni Buzzeo, Scott Nash, Laura Rankin, Chris Van Dusen and Robert McCloskey.

Annoying Little Brother’s favorite story is Chris Van Dusen’s If I built a car. It is a boy sharing what his future car would look like. Mom  and Dad work at car companies and says the book is funny. He is going to review it below 

I like Fluffy and Baron by Laura Rankin. It is a story about a dog and a duckling becoming friends.
I think it is nice that kids can get books for free as they grow up.


If I built a Car

By Chris Van Dusen

This book is about making a car with different pieces. The boy wants to put a pool, a driving robot that built right into the back of the seat. The car serves food and flies and goes underwater. It’s engine smoke smells nice like fresh-baked blueberry muffins. Yum!

I think this book is good. I like all the ideas for the new car. It makes me want to design a new car. Mine will have a gar fish design. I like gar fish. 

I think Moms should read this to kids. I want my mom to read it to my class soon.

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Here comes Santa Cat


By Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by Claudia Rueda

This is Annoying Little Brother. Bridget said I could review this book. Mom read Tooth Fairy Cat to my kindergarten class. It was silly. My class wanted to read it again so I gave it to my teacher.  Mom got my class “Here comes Santa Cat.”  I have not shared with my class yet but will share it with you now.

In this book, Cat is worried he won’t get presents from Santa Claus. He has been very naughty. He tried to be nice but gave kids fish as a present. They didn’t want them.


He gets a presents from Santa and shares it with a little kitty cat. Santa makes him a helper. Cat gives Santa a present.

I like Cat books because he is silly. He does silly things. I like how the book has words and silly pictures.

I recommend this book to moms who can read it to their kids. Kindergarteners would also like it.

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This is a review by Annoying Little Brother


By Miranda Paul

Illustrated by Shane McG

Trainbots is about robots on a train. I like trains and robots. Did you know what a trainbot is? It is a robot who rides on trains.

The trainbots are trying to get to Kid Town. The bad robots show up. The trainbots make it all better.


I liked this book because it had robots and trains.  I like the pictures. I want a trainbot to visit me.