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The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth

by Ian Lendler

Illustrated by Zach Giallongo

This is a very funny story about what happens at the zoo at night. The animals put on plays. This time they are doing Macbeth (Bridget note: Mom says it is a Shakespeare play). At first you think Macbeth is a good guy but it turns out he is not.

This is so funny, not just the play, but the audience comments. It is done as a graphic novel so easy to sneak in funny moments. There are some monkeys who come up regularly and are very funny. Keep an eye out for them. The illustrations are well done and help the funny moments be even funnier. I definitely need to get the second book where they do Romeo and Juliet.

This would be a great summer read. You will laugh and learn Shakespeare at the same time.


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This is a review of all four books because they are super funny. Vordak is a really bad super villain. He is trying to take over the world but keeps failing. The books are how to be a super villain with him. Four days after reading this, I still haven’t taken over the world.

These books are laugh out loud, pee your pants funny. (Mom note: there were lots of giggles heard while reading this) There are tests in the books. I am Vordak’s sidekick, Zordak, because I scored really evil. 

I recommend this book to people who want to rule the world. I think this would be good for kids who aren’t into reading yet. They won’t want to put this down.

I met Vordak the other day. He is awesomely evil.

And Vordak, I am having my minions work with your minions for an interview but you know how minions are. They aren’t too reliable, especially my monkey minions. All they want is electronic bananas.

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Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

By Ben Hatke

Julia’s house arrives in town by the edge of the sea (spoiler alert: it’s on a turtle).  It is a really nice house but it is lonely. Julia makes a sign and soon it’s not lonely anymore. Then there is more trouble and another sign. That fixes most of her trouble but she needs one more to fix the last issues.

I like that is a very kind story. It is a very pretty story. I like the creatures that come to live with Julia. I would like a mermaid to come live with me. 

I recommend this to kids who are lonely. It shows you can make friends. Also people who need to learn to ask for help because nice things come from that. Kids with silly imaginations will like this too.

Hey readers: what creatures do you want to live with you?

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By Chris Gall

DinoTrux are trucks that are dinosaurs. There is a tv show based on these books.  I like dinosaurs and trucks so this is awesome.

There are people in the books but that isn’t real. It’s funny though. The book talks about the different DinoTrux. My favorite one is Cementosaurus and Blacktopadon. 

I like that the dinosaurs cause trouble. The pictures are funny. 

I can read some of this by myself. Everyone who likes Dinos and trucks will like this.
~Annoying Little Brother 

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Super Happy Party Bears again

To kick of year 2 of my blog, the Super Happy Party Bears have stopped by for a party. They are good like that. The books are by Marcie Colleen and Steve James.

You can find a review of the first two books in my archives. This is a review of books 3 and 4. The books come out as twins which is fun.

Staying a Hive is the third book. It is about a Queen Bee opening a honey business. The Bears love honey so they start buying. The Grumpy Woods homes get covered in honey. That makes them grumpy or grumpier. The Super Happy Party Bears have to fix that issue.

Going Nuts is the fourth book. In this book, the Bears are getting nuts to add to the honey and make products. It is the worst ideas to take nuts for squirrels and chipmunks. That makes them mad. At first, the Party Bears blame everyone else instead of taking responsibility. Bad Party Bears. It all works out at the end.

I have heard some adults think the books are too silly for kids but that is the best part. Sometimes kids need book candy. We need to read completely silly, pee your pants funny books.

Now that we are on summer vacation these books are perfect for reading but still having fun. Summer Super Happy Bears!

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This Book Stinks

By Sarah Wassner Flynn

This book stinks…. not really. It is about garage, recycling and landfills. (Maybe Mindy and Guy should read this before their next picnic – hehe)

I learned a lot about trash and what they do to the environment. There were ideas at the back of the book on how to recycle things via crafts. Like a sprinkler (oops, spoiler alert). I was really surprised to learn how long things take to break down. It makes think before I throw something out.

There is also a quiz on how wasteful you are. There are a couple of questions to help you figure it out. I was in the middle – not super wasteful but I am not wasteless yet. I am working on being less wasteful.

I liked that the book explained trash in a way I could understand. I think kids will like that. I also liked the recycling ideas because I do like to make crafts from everything.

I recommend this book to people who want to learn about recycling and people who want to learn new crafts. Also people who like the environment.

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Grandfather Whisker’s Table

By Eun-Jeong Jo

Illustrated by Bimba Landmann. 

Review by Westley.

This story is about a little boy and his dad a long time ago.  The little boy buys a toy for his baby brother.  The dad goes to one of the first bankers and the little boy ask the banker to hold his toy for his baby brother so he doesn’t lose it at the Palio di Siena horse race.  Then he loses the receipt to get the toy back!

I liked when he lost the receipt and the banker gave back the toy even though he didn’t have the receipt since it was a present for his baby brother.  I like the pictures and the artwork because they were pretty.  They had lots of detail.

I think people who like history would like this book.   This is a story about a time that was real, but the people aren’t real.